Power Solutions

Power Solutions

We specialize in customized solar solutions that are dependent on the needs of the customer



With Solar Energy you can be able to save on your energy bills, have reliable electricity for extended study hours that will improve performance of your students. With Solar Energy you will be able to contribute to a clean environment for our future generations.Our systems will enable you to provide lighting for your dormitories, laboratories and classrooms, and security lighting for your compound.



Our reliable solar systems will enable your guests enjoy their time at your facility and increase customer satisfaction. These solutions include lighting, power backups and hybrid systems, and power water pumps, all customized to your needs.



Our solutions enable you to cut costs on your electricity bills, have reliable power supply that can power all your appliances (Fridge, TVs, Blenders etc) and lighting to increase security.


Solar Car Park

We can help you utilize your parking space efficiently to generate clean energy

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