SunTap Partners with Songhai

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April 25, 2017
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October 4, 2017

SunTap Partners with Songhai

SunTap Uganda Partners with Songhai Regional Centre for East Africa (Uganda) to power the Rwenzori region.

SunTap Uganda has partnered with Songai Regional Centre for East Africa (Uganda) in an effort to create awareness and promote use of solar energy in the Rwenzori region in Uganda. With over 80% of Ugandan population not powered, this will enable SunTap to contribute to powering Ugandan communities. Songhai works with over 50 farmer groups that constitute over 1,500 households.

Our partnership will not only enable create awareness and promote use of solar energy, but will also enable SunTap to offer the households quality solar solutions (for lighting and powering appliances) at affordable costs. The households will benefit from access to clean energy, reduced health complications from kerosene lamps, security and enable their school going children to study an extra hour.

According to Tom Maate, the representative of Songhai and who is very passionate about working with farmers in his home region, the main challenges that the farmers face are lack of access to quality solar solutions and high costs of acquiring one. This partnership will solve these challenges by ensuring quality of system components, installations and customer service and also customize a payment plan that will enable the household to pay for the systems over a period of time, while using the system.

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